Psychic Movie Queen: Reborn National Goddess

Boss, what are you doing here? Two sidekicks came up with their schoolbags in their arms. They looked at Si Ruoran and Li Xiao curiously and joked, "Yo, where did the girl come from? Was she confused by the beauty of the eldest brother?" "Go away!" Han Wei smashed the heads of the two little sidekicks with his schoolbag, so that Li Xiao and Si Ruoran were speechless, wondering if they should hurry away at this time. Why are you walking so fast? Aren't you going to say a few words? Or go to a barbecue or something in the evening? He held a cigarette between his fingers, choking him to tears. We have nothing to say to you. We're not in the mood. Si Ruoran knew that the hoodlums around here liked to flirt with girls casually, so she was too lazy to take Li Xiao and wanted to go. This time, Han Wei did not stop her, but in the moment she left to hold her wrist, intentionally want to tease her, Si Ruoran almost hit the whole person. What are you doing? You're touching me! Li Xiao is simply fried hair, hurriedly stretched out his hand to block, Keren has been dragged past. The first time Si Ruoran encountered such a thing and person, his mind was blank and he subconsciously lifted his legs. Let her go! Side suddenly sounded a clear voice, Si Ruoran subconsciously feel that the voice is very familiar, the results of a look up to see the figure slowly coming. Behind that light, she could not see the expression on his face. Xin Yibin has always had the feeling of a dead scholar in Si Ruoran's heart,Frosted Glass Cosmetic Jars Wholesale, but today he feels that his breath in the mountains is not right, that kind of oppression, low, although the tone has not changed, it has given people an irresistible feeling. He came over and reached for her hand. Somehow, Han Wei suddenly loosened Si Ruoran and squinted at the man in front of him: "Oh, are you still young lovers?" "So what if it is,16 Oz Clear Plastic Bottles With Caps, so what if it isn't?" Si Ruoran felt full of anger when he remembered the man's bad heart just now. Really? Xin Yibin, I really didn't expect that you still like this style? That's what I like, too. It's up to you. Han Wei's breath suddenly changed, and even frivolously reached out to hook the chin of Si Ruoran, which was knocked off by her in disgust. The atmosphere was stiff, and Xin Yibin was already in front of Si Ruoran. The smile on Han's face was still there, but there was already a gloomy feeling. Chapter 1537 of the main text. Li Xiao simply gaped at the scene in front of him, is it difficult to say that this is the legendary two men fighting for a woman? There's not going to be a fight, is there? "You know each other?" Si Ruoran obviously heard the trick and couldn't help asking. Not familiar. Xin Yibin suddenly reached out to hold her shoulder, and a smile appeared on his face that could confuse people's minds. "If so, what's your impression of him?" "He is a ruffian, and I have a bad impression of him." Originally this person is what temperament, Oil Dropper Bottle ,Serum Bottle With Dropper, Si Ruoran does not feel what, but to provoke her seems to be somewhat offensive. Listen to Si Ruoran say so, Han Wei obviously some face can not hang, be rejected by the girl face to face, let him this is also won a lot of girls like the person, there is a kind of face can not hang feeling. Hey, I don't care what you think in your heart. Don't appear in front of me in the future. Hear like two words, Si Ruoran is simply speechless, so see two or three times, this person can actually say like two words. Hearing Si Ruoran say so, the smile on Xin Yibin's face was even bigger. He reached out to help her deal with the sleeve that had just been messed up a little. His eyebrows and eyes were already vague and gentle: "Have you finished your homework?" "Well, there's one more thing." "Not for a while. Send it to me on Wechat and I'll teach you." Such a gentle Xin Yibin seemed to be completely different from the person who had just been oppressed by the breath. Si Ruoran soon did not know which one was true and which one was false. He could only nod silently. All right, hurry home and eat on time later, or your parents will scold you again. "Mmm." He looks very beautiful and gentle. Every move is so pleasing to the eye and in line with his usual style. Um, well, should we go? Li Xiao was on the side and couldn't help making a sound. Because the atmosphere at the scene was a little stiff, especially Han's face was not very good. The sullen breath on his body, together with the bad smile on his face, was particularly annoying. Si Ruoran, remember, my name is Han Wei. Si Ruoran heard Han Wei two words, did not speak, who wants to know his name, she does not want to remember. Xin Yibin took his time and lowered his head. Finally, he helped her tidy up her wrinkled clothes. Finally, he looked up with satisfaction and touched her hair: "It's not safe on the way. I'll see you off." "Good." Xin Yibin easily picked up her bicycle and picked up the books on the ground, looking very happy. Looking at him in a happy mood, Si Ruoran also felt a lot of happiness, so followed behind him. On such a path on campus, the backs of Si Ruoran and Xin Yibin are particularly harmonious and beautiful. Li Xiao looks at them behind his back and feels that he may be a third wheel, thinking about whether it is better to evacuate first. Xiaoxiao, come on, what are you waiting for? Si Ruoran looked back and waved to her. Li Xiao came to his senses and hurried to follow him, walking meaningfully behind him, watching the two of them walking in front of him. What just happened? Hearing Xin Yibin's question, Si Ruoran was stunned for a few seconds before he realized what he was asking. I don't know what happened just now, but the man suddenly turned over from the other side of the wall and said something in a mess. Hearing how they met, Xin Yibin curled up a beautiful smile on his face. Chapter 1538 stepmother's son. Si Ruoran told the whole story, Xin Yibin listened, his face was a little black, because he really didn't expect Han Wei to really aim his eyes at Si Ruoran. Xin Yibin,Empty Glass Foundation Bottle, do you know that man just now? The more Si Ruoran thought about it, the more strange it was that they knew each other's names and sounded familiar. But Xin Yibin seems to hate this person, and so does Han Wei.

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